Marco Dozza - PhD in Bioengineering, 2003-2007

Biofeedback Systems for Postural Control

PhD Program Yearly Reports:

The following reports were sent to the Bioengineering Committee of the University of Bologna in the end of each year of this PhD program. They documented the results achieved during the year and foresaw the next research goals to be accomplished in the following year/s. After the Bioengineering Committee review of the reports, a presentation of the report content was also given in presence of the whole Bioengineering Committee in the end of each year. After the presentation, the Bioengineering Committee decided if the results achieved during the year were sufficient to get access to the next year of the PhD program. The reports and presentations produced during this PhD program are linked below. (Reports and presentations are only in Italian)


2004 - Report (.pdf) - Presentation (.ppt)

2005 - Report (.pdf) - Presentation (.pdf)

2006 - Report (.pdf) - Presentation (.ppt)

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