Marco Dozza - PhD in Bioengineering, 2003-2007

Biofeedback Systems for Postural Control

IEEE PerCom Workshop 13-17 March, 2006 - Pisa, Italy

• D. Brunelli, E. Farella, L. Rocchi, M. Dozza , L. Chiari, L. Benini, “Bio-feedback System for Rehabilitation Based on a Wireless Body Area Network”, Proc. of the IEEE PerCom Workshop, 527-531, Pisa, Italy, 13-17 March, 2006.

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Abstract - In this paper we describe Bio-WWS, a bio-feedback system for rehabilitation based on a dedicated, wireless, sensor network architecture. The sensor network is designed to be distributed on the user’s body for balance monitoring and correction. The hardware and software architecture (communication protocols, power management policies and application-level control) have been tuned to optimize cost, battery autonomy and real-time performance required for this application. Bio-WWS is an example of complete vertical integration: the sensor network is fully integrated with processing and auditory feedback generation.

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